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Pajak Engineering delivers comprehensive project management and well-site supervisory services around the world. Our highly qualified engineers, technical supervisors and drop-in teams have a proven track record with well-site preparation, drilling, completions, production and lease restoration both on and offshore.  
We provide seamless access to exceptionally skilled people, cutting-edge technology and superior results. Pajak has been providing worldwide expertise since 1966.
  In the most remote locations Pajak Engineering LTD. provides ready and able staff members for your project. We specialize in a number of areas, and hold a number of certifications to ensure we operate at the highest level of professionalism and safety.

Through our many services including project management, engineering and well construction/completion, Pajak Engineering LTD. strives to generate cost savings while ensuring safety for workers and the environment alike.
Wellsite Supervision      
Once the scope of work is established, our technical sales team works with you to determine the type and level of experience necessary to complete the work in a safe and efficient manor. That information is then matched to the best possible supervisor for the job. Pajak supervisors are assigned to operations where the scope of work is closely related to their strengths and experience level.
Pajak supervisors are all IRP (industry recommended practices) #7 and #16 compliant. This ensures they are fully qualified to manage the safety of the operation.
Pajak maintains a certification database that allows us to ensure that a supervisor's tickets are always current before they go out on any job. Pajak senior technical staff are available on a 24 hour/day back-up to all of our domestic and international supervisors and engineers.
Drilling Supervison    
Pajak drilling supervisors have experience in all aspects of directional drilling, including: highly faulted formations, long reach horizontal, and SAGD; various mud systems including: gel chemistry, invert, polymer, silicate, air drilling, under balanced, and reverse circulating.
"Specialized services include: critical sour, multi-well project co-ordination, cost drilling, deep foothills, salt cavern storage, and remote location operations"

Pajak drilling supervisors have experience in all parts of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Williston Basin, the Yukon Territories, the High Arctic, and east central Canada. Many of our supervisors are educated in, and have experience with, sensitivity to First Nations and environmental issues which can determine the success of a project.
Completions Supervision    
Pajak completions/workover supervisors have experience in all aspects of conventional and non-conventional well completions, including: CBM, shallow gas, heavy oil, HPHT, critical sour, multi-zone and directional completions/workovers.
Pajak provides ongoing soft skill development, performance feed back and the resources to maintain a safe, healthy work environment.
"Pajak pre-qualifies all well site supervisors for technical competence and demand that they retain a minimum IRP#7 (industry recommended practices) level of safety certifications."
Our safety professionals have experience in all aspects of safety management systems applicable to your exploration and production operations, including:
• Management Involvement and Commitment
• Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control
• Safety Rules and Procedures
• Employee Training
Drop-In Teams    
With forty two years of serving operators with drilling and completion engineering and well-site supervision, Pajak offers a complete "Drop-in" drilling department with a self-contained suite of expertise and services to assure regulatory compliance, optimum well design, project management, supervision, HSE, civil construction, logistics. Benefit from having a complete drilling & completions department at your disposal, when and how you need it!  
For more information, please visit www.pajakeng.com
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