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Synectics designs integrated end-to-end surveillance control systems for the world’s most demanding security environments. Synectics excel at complex projects that require tailored solutions with high reliability and flexibility, specifically for casinos, oil and gas, marine, public space, banking, transport and critical infrastructure applications.  
With regional hubs in the UK, North America, Europe, UAE and Singapore Synectics are well placed to deliver global projects and have local specialist support personnel at every location.
Synectics is part of Synectics plc, a global leader in advanced surveillance, security and integration technologies and services. Synectics plc is listed on the UK AIM market and has over 500 employees spread across four continents; North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
Monitoring Onshore and Offshore Sites Across the Globe
With over 25 years' of experience, Synectics offers bespoke turnkey surveillance systems to meet customers’ requirements. Our non-proprietary technology accommodates legacy systems as well as encompassing new and emerging technologies that interface seamlessly with Synectics video control products for a complete and scalable solution.
Synectics has provided complete turnkey CCTV solutions to some of the largest international projects including Gorgon, Shell Pearl GTL Project, Kashagan Experimental Programme, El Merk, In Salah/In Amenas, Karan, BAB Gas Compression and BAB Thamama and has a reputation as a world leader within the industry.

With Synergy™ security management software, these end-to-end security systems encompass perimeter fence detection, tank storage process areas, flare and burn pit monitoring, leak and flame detection, hazardous and toxic gas areas, pipeline and block valve station monitoring, processing plants, terminal and tanker loading jetties, and more.
Our video surveillance systems are manufactured, integrated, and fully tested as a complete system in our factory prior to delivery ensuring that it will work in your critical environment.

Comprehensive Security Solutions for Demanding ConditionsThe tightly regulated Oil and Gas industry faces tough surveillance challenges that include hazardous and explosive areas, corrosive conditions, remote monitoring, and sophisticated video integration to safety and security related alarm systems. With rising fuel costs, injury risks and external threats, comprehensive security solutions for Oil & Gas facilities such as process plants, refineries, platforms and FPSOs are more demanding than ever. Synectics’ award winning security system includes a full range of COEX™ safe area, marine and Ex-rated camera stations, digital recording systems, and Synergy software.

Synectics’ range of COEX hazardous area camera stations conform to the latest CENELEC directives and are certified Ex d to international standards. Our innovative approach to new and emerging technologies through ongoing research and development efforts ensures that Synectics remains at the forefront of product design and development within the specialist Oil & Gas sector.
Coex Camera Stations
COEX™ camera stations have been providing surveillance to the world’s most challenging Oil & Gas and Marine applications for over 25 years.
The COEX 1000, 2000 and 3000 series of camera stations are versatile, lightweight and amongst the smallest in the market. They have been designed to operate at low voltages and in adverse conditions, such as extreme low or high temperatures and humidity.
COEX camera stations are available for various applications to provide surveillance in all conditions including Hazardous Area and Marine/Safe Area.

With a 25 year reputation for technical excellence, COEX camera stations have been designed specifically for the Oil & Gas and Marine markets. COEX camera stations are manufactured from electro-polished 316L

stainless steel ensuring maximum corrosion protection for the demanding environments in which they are located around the world. Our hazardous area camera stations are certified Ex d to international standards, conform to the latest CENELEC standards and rated to IP66 and IP68 (ingress protection).
Coex Thermal Camera Stations
The use of thermal imaging offers new capabilities for surveillance and detection which are being implemented on many major Oil & Gas and Marine installations. COEX thermal camera stations lend themselves to a variety of applications including imaging in total darkness, detection of personnel / intruders, hot or cold objects, flare and safety monitoring and perimeter protection.

Synergy Software
Synergy™ security management software is a simple, but comprehensive integration, and security management solution that offers an innovative, map-based interface, centralized command and control console, and professional management suite with unparalleled flexibility, security and scalability.

Synergy employs a “hardware agnostic” design that supports legacy analogue, transitional hybrid, and contemporary IP-based CCTV systems; all from a single integrated recording and control platform.

Delivering a user-friendly interface, Synergy streamlines access to the most commonly used operator functions, accelerates response to critical events, and presents vital procedural information that operators need to respond quickly and appropriately.
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