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Global Thermoelectric- Thermoelectric Generator (TEGS)      
Global Thermoelectric is best known for its experience with thermoelectric generators or TEGs. In fact, this technology set the foundation for our business over 30 years ago. Global has TEGs in over 50 countries around the world.
Global is the world's largest manufacturer of TEGs. Its systems are incredibly tough, due in part to the fact they have no moving parts.
This makes them ideal for long-term unattended operation in remote locations that may be exposed to harsh conditions or where site visits are difficult. Global's individual generators range in output size from 15 to 550 Watts, and are ideal for applications requiring power up to 5,000 Watts.
How does it work?
A thermoelectric generator converts heat directly into electricity. As heat moves from a gas burner through a thermoelectric module, it causes an electrical current to flow.
At the heart of every Global TEG is a hermetically sealed thermoelectric module, called a thermopile. This contains an array of semiconductor elements. The durable module provides a chemically stable environment for the thermoelectric material and ensures a long service life. A burner maintains a high temperature on the hot side while cooling fins keep the other side cool. The temperature difference across the thermopile creates steady DC electricity with no moving parts.
Global's individual generators range in output size from 15 to 550 Watts, and are ideal for applications requiring power up to 5,000 Watts.

Global’s thermoelectric generators are used for a variety of remote power applications in the oil and gas industry primarily because they have proven to be the most reliable power source available for the rugged demands of the industry.

Use: to provide electrical current to prevent corrosion in pipelines and producing oil and gas wells.
Global’s thermoelectric generators are the perfect match for the unattended, continuous power requirements of impressed current cathodic protection systems in pipelines and well casings. With high reliability, low maintenance requirements and minimal gas consumption, Global generators also have negligible operating costs.


SCADA Applications
Use: for remote instrumentation, automation and communication.
Pipeline operators and oil and gas producers are increasingly using Supervisory
Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for monitoring, measuring and controlling equipment in the field. Global’s thermoelectric generators are being used to power remote telemetry units, gas analyzers and metering equipment as well as for routine operating functions and emergency shutdown.
Use: to provide primary power for unmanned platforms and backup power on manned platforms for critical communications and emergency shutdown systems.

For off shore oil and gas operators, the ultimate test of equipment operation is in the harsh and highly corrosive off shore environment. Global’s generators pass this rigorous test - in terms of reliability, low maintenance and safety, including operating in hazardous (Class 1, Division 2) environments.
Products Summary
2000 Series GlobalSolar Hybrid
Global Thermoelectric has designed two standard models based on the amount of sun hours the system might receive daily when days are shortest. The 2000 series is designed for average solar radiation levels greater than 4 peak sun hours a day, and the 3000 series for areas with 3-4 sun hours a day. Creating standard configurations allows Global to give customers the lowest price as possible.  


It's natural to think a GlobalSolarHybrid would go in a cold northerly location because this is a challenging environment for solar systems but they have challenges in other areas of the world as well. Deserts are often hot and sunny but you may be surprised to learn that solar systems face difficulty based on the amount of sand, dust and extreme heat they endure. Mountainous locations, heavily vegetated locations, rain forests and areas where theft is an issue, are all places where a GlobalSolarHybrid can provide the perfect combination of green and reliability.  
Global Thermoelectric has spent over 30 years designing ultra-reliable remote power systems for some of the harshest environments on earth. In the last few years our team has received an increasing number of requests to turn pure PV systems into GlobalSolarHybrids or to purchase a GlobalSolarHybrids as a standard product. We share some of these stories with you below.
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