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KONTEK- Water Treatment      
Since 1980, we have helped customers across the globe achieve environmental compliance and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) status while retaining the value in their water. With over 30 years of experience, our seasoned team of engineers, chemists, project managers and logic programmers will determine the best combination of treatment processes and components to yield the largest return on investment.  
We believe in fostering mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with our stakeholders. By taking a comprehensive five-step approach to business, we guarantee that our customized systems are a perfect fit for your facility.
Our Technologies

1.Wastewater treatment

Kontek designs and engineers a variety of customized industrial process water treatment systems that are guaranteed to remove unwanted contaminants. These chemical precipitation systems include:
• Automatic Batch Treatment Systems
• Continuous Flow Systems: 1100, 1300, and 1400 Series


2. Wastewater recovery

Kontek customers consistently recover up to 85% of their raw and industrial process water with:
• ReKon Ion Exchange
• RoKon Reverse Osmosis systems.


3. Raw Water Purification

Purification and recovery systems generate a consistent and reliable source of water that is suitable for industrial use:
• ReKon Ion Exchange
• RoKon Reverse Osmosis
• MemKon Membrane Ultrafiltration


4. Solids dewatering

Leftover, concentrated wastewater is processed in a multi-component system that typically includes a combination of:
• Filter Press technology to condense wastewater before discharge
• Sludge Dryer to create dry sludge cakes and minimize waste disposal costs
• Slurry-Mizer Liquid Crystallizer technology to evaporate liquid waste into small granular crystals


5. Oil & Grease removal

Kontek’s dissolved-air flotation (DAF) devices and Acid Splitting techniques effectively remove mechanical and emulsified oils.

6. Process components

Kontek also engineers a variety of components, including:
• Inclined Plate Clarifiers
• Tube Settler Clarifiers
• Coalescers
• Dissolved Air Flotation Devices
• Maxi-Polish and Maxi-Vap technology
• Organic spent processers

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